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Dr Junaid Ahmad (MBBS FCPS) is the best plastic surgeon in Lahore.

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Best cosmetic and plastic surger in Lahore. Best plastic surgery of this kind is being done by Dr Junaid Ahmad FCPS Plastic Surgeon.

Tummy Tuck
Tummy Tuck Procedure

It is a wonderful procedure to get rid of all extra fat and skin and have long term results. Obesity is also dangerous for the general health. It is specially good after pregnancy.

Patient Satisfaction with Plastic Surgery in Lahore

Hump of nose, saddle nose, bulbous thick tip of the nose are big problems along with deviated nasal septums commonly called DNS of nose. All can be treated with rhinoplasty procedure.

Fillers and Botox and Lahore
Dermal Fillers

By the help of fillers and botox, liquid facelift is possible even without surgery Dermal fillers can enhance the lips, remove eyelid wrinkles, cheek enhancement.

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Dermabrasion in Lahore
PRP Therapy and Microneedling

This technique is used to rejuvinate aging skin. It helps getting back youth again. Also used for many other purposes. Combined with micro needling it is best for long standing acne scars and uneven skin of face. It is also called Vampire facelift procedure.

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Fillers and Botox and Lahore

By the help botox, you can avoid a surgery to removed wrinkles of forehead, smile pattern change, crow feet, nasolabial fold, neck bands, bunny lines of nose, frown lines, brow elevation and brow shaping.

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Beautiful Breasts in Lahore
Breast Enhancement

Breast is a vast field and every patient has her own different problems. We do from breast beautification, breast enlargement, breast enhancement without surgery to the breast re making in breast cancer patients. It can be done with sillicone breast implants or fat filling procedure.

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Detail of  Hair transplant Procedure in Lahore
Hair Transplant FUT and FUE

FUE (Non surgical) and FUT (surgical) Hair transplant is a common procedure. During this procedure of FUE no surgery is done and no stitches are applied.

Detail of Liposuction in Lahore

Removal of fat from bel;ly stomach, tummy, back, arms, legs, without doing a surgery.

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Detail of Procedure of Hymenoplasty in Lahore
Genitalia Procedures

Hymenoplasty, Mosn pubis folds, Micro Penis treatment

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Plastic Surgery Cosmetic Procedures

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Breast Enhancement
with or without implants
Best Cosmetic Surgery in Lahore
Mommy Make Over
Breast & Tummy Tuc Combined
Brow Elevation
Fillers and Fat
Lip Enhancement Breast Enhancement