Amputated Hands and Microvascular Surgery

Micro Vascular Surgeon Lahore

If you found a patient with amputated limb, finger, hand or other body organ, think it can be salvaged by your plastic surgeon. This is the scope of micro vascular surgery. With the help of a microscope we can re attach all the vessels and bone, skin, nerves, so that hand or finger can survive.

  • Amputated Hands
  • Fingers
  • Limbs
  • Penis and scrotum
  • Ears
  • Other parts
Detail of Procedure in Lahore
Procedure of

How to bring the amputated parts??
Clean it.
Put into a wet gauze.
Put this gauze and hand into a polythene shopping bag.
Put this bag into another shopping bag with ice in it.
Contact on phone for further information before bringing it to me.

Ideal Patients Lahore
Ideal Patients

Clean Cut injuries, with glass, cutter or knife etc. No delays to bring it to me. Properly managed with ice and washed properly before packing.

Doctor Junaid Plastic Surgeon
Doctor's Notes

I try my best to re attach the amputated part if brought with proper method.

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Best microvascular surgeon in Lahore. Best plastic surgery of this kind is being done by Dr Junaid Ahmad FCPS Plastic Surgeon.


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