Hand Tumors

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Hand Tumors and Cancers

Hand tumors may be simple or very complex disease. Instead of taking it non seiours, immediately visit your plastic surgeon. We deal in all kinds of hand tumors and elective surgeries...

  • Glomus Tumor
  • Vascular Tumors
  • Hemangiomas
  • Dermoid Cysts
  • Sebacious Cysts
  • Sarcomas
  • Burns Hand Cancers
  • Bone Tumors
  • Congenital Tumors
  • Others
Hand Tumors treated by Dr Junaid Ahmad Plastic Surgeon
Detail of Procedure in Lahore

Tumors need immediate attention because they can be cancers. If so we take a biosy first to rule out any dangerous disease in hands.

Ideal Patients Lahore
Ideal Patients

All types of swelling on hand should warrant treatment and consultation with your plastic surgeon.

Anesthesia for Plastic Surgery in Lahore

It requires local or general anesthesia. Anesthesia is a way to make procedure completely painfree for our patients.

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Patient Satisfaction with Plastic Surgery in Lahore after tokka machine injury or hand tumors
Patient Satisfaction

Depending upon the degree of involvment and late or early presentation.

Follow Ups of hand Plastic Surgery
Follow Ups

Patients mostly requires one visit to remove the stitches if any.

Common Procedures to do related to hand tumors in Lahore
Other Methods

All work up is required. Blood tests, Biopsy test and sometimes CT Scan or MRI.

Doctor Junaid the Plastic Surgeon
Doctor's Notes

I always advice the patients to get immediate treatment because of better results if treatment is started early than wasting time.

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Best hand surgeon in Lahore. Best plastic surgery of this kind is being done by Dr Junaid Ahmad FCPS Plastic Surgeon.


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