Weight Reduction with Gastric Balloon

Gastric Balloon Weight Reduction

It is totally a non invasive procedure. Gastric balloon is a device which is puit into the stomach and patient is advised to have normal life along with a little excercise and diet control. Balloon helps in apetite control and weight starts losing immediately. 20kg to 30kg of weight is lost within 3 to 6 months maximum. No surgery is required for this procedure. Totally non invasive procedure. Balloon can be removed at any time.

Weight reduction with gastric balloon
Detail of Gastric balloon weight loss in Lahore
Safe Procedure

This treatment is safe is currently being used in Europe and USA frequently. Balloon can be removed at any time if needed without any surgery off course.

Ideal Patients for gastric balloon Lahore
Ideal Patients

Who are failed to lose weight with excercise and diet alone. Over weight patients and Obese patients but cardiac problem.

Anesthesia for Plastic Surgery in Lahore
No Anesthesia

No anesthesia is usually required but if patient is not willing to have this procedure awake, we can arrange general anesthesia for him/her. They will fall asleep and wake with procedure already done and client can go home.

Anesthesia for Plastic Surgery in Lahore
After the Surgery

After the surgery they have to take diet plan from us. Light excercise and walks are also encouraged.

Doctor Junaid Plastic Surgeon
Doctor's Notes

This procedure is non invasive and gives excellent results.

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Best gastric balloon and best weight reduction procedures in Lahore. Best plastic surgery of this kind is being done by Dr Junaid Ahmad FCPS Plastic Surgeon.


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