Prominant Ear Treatment

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Otoplasty and Ear Plastic Surgery

Prmoinant ear are bothersome and big problem in cosmetic. We deal in all kinds of prmonant ears, named as Bat ears, Shahl's ears, and others

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  • Bat Ears
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Prominant Ears
Detail of Procedure in Lahore

The bad and ugly looking part of ear is excised along with different type of suture techniques to keep ears in shape.

Ideal Patients Lahore
Ideal Patients

Children and Young patients with prominant ears and Bat ears.

Anesthesia for Plastic Surgery in Lahore

It requires local anesthesia. Anesthesia is a way to make procedure completely painfree for our patients.

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Patient Satisfaction with Plastic Surgery in Lahore
Patient Satisfaction

Patients are very happy due to good results of this procedure.

Follow Ups of Plastic Surgery
Follow Ups

Patients mostly requires one visit to remove the stitches if any.

Common Procedures to do in Lahore
Other Methods

Complete ear reconstruction is done in microtia cases or severe deformities of ear.

Doctor Junaid Plastic Surgeon
Doctor's Notes

I like this procedure to do on children and young adults.

Contact with Dr Junaid A
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Best prominat ear surgery in Lahore. Best plastic surgery of this kind is being done by Dr Junaid Ahmad FCPS Plastic Surgeon.


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