Cancers Treatment

Skin and Oral Cancers

Many cancers like skin cancers, oral cancers involving mouth, tongue and lips. Other swellings and ulcers of skin are also treated by plastic surgeon even if they are not cancers. Some common skin cancers and other swellings trated by us are...

Skin Cancers
Detail of Procedure in Lahore

All cancer is excised immediately withour any delay and reconstruction is done. Skin cancers can be closed with stitched, others require complex plastic surgery

Ideal Patients Lahore
Ideal Patients

Skin cancers like, BCC, SCC, Oral Cancers, Non Cancer swellings and old ulcers. Breast cancer. Many others.

Anesthesia for Plastic Surgery in Lahore

It requires local or general anesthesia depending upon extend of tumor growth. Anesthesia is a way to make procedure completely painfree for our patients.

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Patient Satisfaction with Plastic Surgery in Lahore
Patient Satisfaction

Satisfactory results are obtained after tumor excision and reconstruction.

Follow Ups of Plastic Surgery
Follow Ups

Patients mostly requires one visit to remove the stitches if any. Somtimes drains are placed. Patient can immediately start walking and resume normal activity in small tumors. Large tumors may take longer time to heal.

Common Procedures to do in Lahore
Other Methods

Excision with skin graft, skin or muscle readjutment from other body parts may be required in some patients.

Doctor Junaid Plastic Surgeon
Doctor's Notes

I have vast experience of doing skin, breast and oral cancer treatments.

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Best Skin Cancer and Oral cancer treatment in Lahore. Best Breast reconstruction after cancer treatment in Lahore. Best plastic surgery of this kind is being done by Dr Junaid Ahmad Plastic Surgeon.


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