Breast Surgery in Lahore

Breast surgery ranging from breast enhancement, fillers, nipple areaola surgery to even breast reconcstruction and breast cancer. We provide the best kind of breast surgeries in all Lahore. Breast enhancement by breast implants and fat filling are efficiently done with good results. Few of our common procedures are ....

Best Breast Surgery in Lahore Pakistan
Beautiful Breasts in Lahore
Breast Procedures

Breast is a vast field and every patient has her own different problems. We do all forms of breast surgeries. Ranging from breast beautification, breast enlargement, breast enhancement to the breast re making in breast cancer patients. Non Surgical procedures are also available. Absent breasts or very small breasts are treated with implants. Burn or trauma of breasts is also treated here. Nipple and areola problems are tackled. Breast reduction or removal is also done. Ladies with sagging breast after lactation and pregnancy. Large breasts are another problem and needs treatment.

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It usually requires general anesthesia. But breast enlargment and fat graft can be done under local anesthesia. Nipple creation or inverted nipple is also treated with local anesthesia. Anesthesia is a way to make procedure completely painfree for our patients.

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Patient Satisfaction
Breast Cancer

We provide best breast cancer treatment procedures in Lahore. Regarding our breast surgery options we provide with best quality breast implants and best breast re creation surgery after breast cancer in Lahore and much more.

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Male boobs Lahore
Male Breast Removal

We provide Gynecomastia Removal or also called man boobs removal procedure.

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Breast enlargment in Lahore
Nipple and Areola

We have options for absent or inverted nipple correction. Many women in our country could not nurse their babies due to this devastating problem.

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Breast reductionin Lahore
Large Breasts

Large breasts become sometimes a big problem and people want to get rid of large combersome breasts.

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Breast enlargment in Lahore
Small Breasts

Samll breast in married or unmarried women are big problem for marital relations and match making. We have multiple solutions to that problem.

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Non Surgical Breast Lift with threads Before and After Photo Gallery Cosmetic Surgery  in Lahore
Non Surgical Breast Lift Before and After Photo

Breast Lift is a procedure to elevate the nipple and areola and tighten the breasts. Breast Lift done in this photo is done by threads. These are before and after photos of thread breast lift done at Lahore Plastic Surgery Center.

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Fat Filling Augmentation of Breasts Before and After Photo Gallery Cosmetic Surgery  in Lahore
Fat Filling in Breasts Before and After Photo

Lipo filling or Fat Injections in Breast to enhance them. These are before and after photos of breast fat filling done at Lahore Plastic Surgery Center.

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Some Common Procedures

These are few related common procedures. For a complete list of all proceduers click on main menu

Breast Enhancement
with or without implants
Best Cosmetic Surgery in Lahore
Mommy Make Over
Breast & Tummy Tuc Combined
Brow Elevation
Fillers and Fat
Lip Enhancement Breast Enhancement