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Dr Junaid Ahmad MBBS FCPS

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Burns are very painful. They can be caused by a variety of hot objects, water, tea, cofffee, or direct a flame burn. If larger area involved or deeper burns requires special treament by plastic surgeon. We provide multiple treatments for burn patients accordingt to the patient's affordability and nature of burn. Acid and chemical burns are also treated. Dr Junaid gives best specialized care to burn patients. A brief list of services provide are...

  • Immediate Burn Wounds
  • Flame Burns
  • Scald Burn (Tea, Milk, Water)
  • Electric Burns
  • Chemical Burns (Acid, Alkali)
  • Old Burn
  • Burn Contractures
  • Burn Scars
  • Complete list of all services here

Dr Junaid Ahmad
Consultant Plastic Surgeon
Lahore Pakistan
Call +923104037071
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Dr Junaid Ahmad
Consultant Plastic Surgeon
Lahore Pakistan
Call +923104037071
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Immediate Burns Care

We provide best care for the burn patients. Immediately after the burns, patients require resuscitation and sometimes delay in resuscitation may lead to death. We deal in flame burns, chemical burns, electric burns both the low voltage and the high voltage, scald burns which includes burns with tea burns with hot milk, burns with coffee or hot water.

  • Dressings
  • Cleaning Operations
  • Defnitive Operations

Burns Treatment Without Surgery

Many of our patients do no require any kind of surgery. We treat them witht he help of appropriate dressings and care. Ultimately they heal very well without any surgery.

  • SupraThel Dressings
  • Duoderm Dressings
  • Acticoat Dressings
  • Bactigrass Dressings

Burns Treatment With Surgical Intervention

Some of our patients require surgery. Flap surgery is common in electric burn patients and graft surgery is more common in flame burns. We do surgery only in dire need of surgical intervention.

  • Skin Grafting Service
  • Flap Service
  • Reconstruction

Burns Contractures

Sometimes burns heal with a contracture formation and limit the joint moments. A simple surgery can help the patient a lot in his/her life. We deal in all kinds of post burn contractures namely ectropion of eyelids, hands arms legs, neck face and axilla.

  • Finger Contractures
  • Wrist Contractures
  • Hand Contractures
  • Elbow Contractures
  • Axilla Armpit Contracures
  • Neck Contractures
  • Eyelid Contractures
  • Face Contractures
  • Burn Hair Loss
  • Burn Breasts
  • Nipple Loss
  • Genitalia Burns
  • Leg Contractures
  • Knee Contractures

Burns Scars

Sometimes burns heal with a scar formation and become hypertrophied. We deal in all kinds of scars and keloids. Both surgical and non surgical methods are used to treat such patients

  • Scars
  • Hypertrophied Scars
  • Keloids

Burns Cancers
Marjolin Ulcers

Sometimes burns heal but after many years turns into a cancer. Cancer is treated by plastic surgeon as other skin cancers.

  • Skin Biopsy
  • Skin Cancers Treatment
  • Burn Marjolin Cancers