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Lahore Plastic Surgery has a branch in your city of Saint the great city of Multan. Qualified plastic surgeon from Lahore is regularly visitng Multan on weekneds. Call +92-310-403-7071 for more details abour Dr Junaid Ahmad MBBS FCPS.

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Lahore Plastic Surgery

We provide variety of procedures. Tummy tuck, Breast Surgery for enhancement and reconstruction, gynecomastia, face lift, rhinoplasty of nose reshapre surgery, eyelid tightening surgery, face tightenig, PRP therapy, Microneedling.

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About Dr Junaid Ahmad

MBBS FCPS Plastic Surgeon

Best Plastic Surgeon in Multan

Dr Junaid Ahmad is best plastic and reconstructive surgeon in town. He has MBBS and FCPS in plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery is his speciality. He often visit Multan and other cities and treat people all around the Punjab Pakistan. His Lahore clinic is open on daily basis. He is an expert plastic and reconstructive surgeon. His successful cases in Multan include Tummy Tuck, Range of Breast Lift and Breast related surgeries, Dermal Fillers, Scar Managment, Burn Scars and contracture release, Hand surgery, Hand reconstruction, Liposuction, Gynecomastia treatment. Contact +92-310-403-7071 for more information about his visit to Multan

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A few services of plastic and cosmetic surgery are listed here.

Cosmetics Procedures

Here is list of cosmetic procedures available in Multan City. It includes non surgical procedures like
Dermal Fillers (Lips, Cheeks, Undereye)
Botox (Wrinkles)
PRP therapy (Platelets Rich Plasma Therapy)
PRP for hair fall
PRP for skin brightness / rejuvination
PRP for Acne Scars correction
Micro Needling of face with PRP
Micro Needling with Serum Therapy
Liposuction Fat Removal Belly
Liposuction of thigh and arms
Liposuction Double Chin Removal
Gynecomastia or Man Boobs Removal
Thread Lift Procedure
For more details call now at +92-310-403-7071

Cosmetic Face Surgeries

Hre is a list of all cosmetic surgery procedures available in Multan, Punjab, Pakistan. Face Lift
Nose Rechaping / Correction
Lips Correction
Ear Shapes
Eyelid Tightening
Eyebrow Elevation
Forehead Lift
Neck Lift Surgery
Tummy tuck Andominoplasty
For more details call now at +92-310-403-7071

Cosmetic Breast Surgeries

Hre is a list of all breast surgery procedures available in Multan, Punjab, Pakistan. Breast Surgery
Breast Implants
Breast Re Shaping
Breast Reduction
Breast Removal
Male Breast Removal
Nipple Correction
Inverted Nipple
Breast Enhancement with Fats
Nipple Enhancement
For more details call now at +92-310-403-7071


Hymenoplasty in Multan
Clitoroplasty in Multan
Labioplasty in Multan
Vaginoplasty in Multan
For more details call now at +92-310-403-7071

Reconstructive Surgeries

Hand Surgeries
Burn Surgereis
Nerve Surgeries
Tendon Surgeries
Skin Surgeries
Skin Cancers
Heand and Neck Cancer Reconstructions
Breast Reconstructions
For more details call now at +92-310-403-7071

Creative Surgeon

Above is only a small list of procedures which can be done by Dr Junaid Ahmad Plastic Surgeon. For more details call now at +92-310-403-7071


Here are few real results of plastic surgeries available in ancient city of Multan, Punjab, Pakistan.


We thanks for all our awesome testimonials of palstic surgery clients! There are hundreds of our happy customers!

Blog of Multan Plastic Surgery

Here are details of palstic surgery services available in Multan, Punjab, Pakistan. Continue with Multan Plastic Surgery Blog

Breast Enhancement

Imported implants and excellent surgeon gives best reuslts.

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  • Apr 21, 2018
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Gyencomastia Removal

Man Boobs are treated without surgery and gives excellent results in experiencd hands.

  • by admin
  • Apr 21, 2018
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Hymenoplasty in Multan

No need to worry. Hymen can be repaired with palstic surgery.

  • by admin
  • Apr 21, 2018
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